Algimantas Patamsis (b.1953) is the only potter in Lithuania decorating his work in extremely rate crystalline glaze. He dedicated his entire life to the mastery of this immensely complex and unpredictable technology. After graduating the Lithuanian State Institute of Art in 1979, Patamsis worked for five years at the Institute of Thermal Insulation where he had the opportunity to experiment with some rare ceramic materials and to use the kiln of high temperature burning installed at the institute. At the time he created the first pieces covered in crystalline glazing. Over three decades of his career, Patamsis has established his own style of pottery, branding himself through vases in a simple drop shape with a slender neck. Usually, masters working in crystalline technology keep the form simple and combine it with complicated and refined glazing. The potter is convinced that concave surfaces are the best for crystalline glazes, as they reveal patterns formed by the crystals. The artist has produced other types of works (decorative plates, urns, vessels similar to Lithuanian folk pottery), but his oeuvre is clearly dominated by the delicate vases with slender necks. He fancies deep blue and ochre as background colors. Though the computer aided contemporary burning technologies have made the creative process easier, the outcome of the crystalline technique remains unpredictable. The fact that the community of potters working in the crystalline glazing technique accepts his work at the prestigious shows demonstrates his recognition as a serious crystal glazing potter.

With his work Patamsis desires to change the stereotypes and mercantile approach to pottery in Lithuania. He wants the Lithuanians to be able to admire a simple ceramic vase, to appreciate the value of a pottery piece and the beauty of simplicity and uniqueness.

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